Rainwater - harvesting by run-off inducement for irrigation of maize production in semi-arid climate, Baringo district, Kenya

Publisher Soil Science Society of East Africa (SSSEA)
Date of publication1996
Other subjectsGfis keywords; Agriculture; Agriculture; Agricultura; Agricultur; Climate; Climat; Clima; Clim
Free keywordsGfis; Rainwater-harvesting; Run-off inducement; Maize production; Semi-arid climate; Kenya; Fdc 0 forests, forestry and the utilization of forest products
NotesHillel, D. (1982). "Introduction to soil Physics" Academic Press, New York.
TypeText; Article
Coverage (TGN)Kenya
SourceSoil science society of east Africa: proceedings of the 15th annual general meeting sportsman`s arms hotel, Nanyuki, Kenya, pp. 179-184,; ref., ill..
Abstract (English)This article is about the programmes aimed at improving food production for greater self sufficiency at the household level based on clear identification of existing qualities of soil and water resources. Baringo district has varied soil types, ranging from high potential soils to low potential soils (60-70% land area) which require a bit of reinforcement, irrigation and improvement before any crops can be grown. Lack of rainfall in a good part of the district confines rain-fed agriculture to only a few parts. For most parts of the district only irrigation can facilitate production of any food and cash crops.


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