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dc.contributor.authorGachuiri, C K
dc.contributor.authorWahome, R G
dc.identifier.citationThe Kenya Veterinarian VOL. 21 (2001)en
dc.description.abstractAn importar.t nutritional management consideration to achieve and maintain high production in dairy cows is relted to the allocation of feeds during each day. One way of uoing this is to maintain a proper balance of nutrients thus minimising fluctuations in the rumen, maximize digestion and ensure a steady flow of nutrients to the mammary gland. A continuous supply of nutrients is required by both rumen microorganisms and body tissues in the dairy cow. Therefore, dairy farmers should strive to supply a nutritionally balanced diet 24hrs each day to achieve maximum ruminal fermentation that maximizes digestion and microbial protein synthesis. The question the fanner should ask is whether the method being used in the farm does maximize the utilization of feed for production.en
dc.subjectTotal mixed rationsen
dc.subjectTraditional feedingen
dc.subjectDairy cowsen
dc.titleTotal Mixed Rations Versus Traditional feeding of Dairy Cows: \Vhich way to go?en
local.publisherDepartmeni of Animal Productionen

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