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dc.contributor.authorAyugi, Maurice O
dc.descriptionDegree of Master of Architectureen
dc.description.abstractLately, various privately run secondary schools have sprung up in large numbers within the town-centres in Kenya eapecially within the City of Nairobi. These schools operate from what were originally shops or offices and therefore not considered to be functioning satisfactorily as schools especially as far as e ironmental aspect such as noise is concerned. This document therefore proposes a design of a school in an urban situation. A Secondary Technical school is hosen for this proposal for reasons that are discused further later in this document. A Secondary Technical School generally, has noisy and quiet areas. In addition, there are certain minimum environmental aspects to be considered besides aspects like expansion which are inevitable almost in any school.en
dc.titleUrban secondary technical school-Nairobien
local.publisherFaculty of Architecture, Design and Development, University of Nairobien

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