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dc.contributor.authorMuhua, GO
dc.contributor.authorOttieno, Jam
dc.contributor.authorOwino, O
dc.identifier.citationThe East African Journal of Statistics Volume 5, Number I, pp. 97-106en
dc.description.abstractSometimes due to confidentiality purposes, the objective is to estimate the proportion P of individuals that posses a certain characteristic, such as a blood disease or an antibody, without necessarily identifying the individuals. In such a case, testing blood samples from k individuals may result in an estimator of P with substantial lower mean square error than traditional estimator. The mean square error varies with k and P , and we show a method for choosing the optimal value of k . Practical considerations as applied to determining proportions of people with a disease are discussed. Substantial cost savings may result when the prevalence of a disease is low.en
dc.subjectGroup screeningen
dc.subjectGroup testingen
dc.subjectMaximum likelihood estimationen
dc.subjectMean squared error,en
dc.titleProbability estimation in group screening designs with put errors in decisionsen
local.publisherSchool of Mathematics, University of Nairobien

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