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dc.contributor.authorChannon, Michael John
dc.identifier.citationMaster of Scienceen
dc.description.abstractGeomagnetic micropulsations of the types Pc3, Pc4 and Pi have been observed at Makerere. The diurnal variations at: occurrence and period of these pulsations, for the year 1966, have been examined, and a brief polarization study has been carried out. Attempts have been made to correlate the pulsations with Kp index, and ionospheric parameters measured at Nairobi and Bukavu. Positive correlation has been obtained between Kp index and the occurrence and period of Pc3 and Pi2. The variation of occurrence during the year has been examined, and the period spectrum of the continuous pulsat­ ions has been deduced. Pi's, which appeared in a form similar to damped simple harmonic motion, have been treated as such, and the average Q factor has been computed. The results have been taken as confirmation of the belief that Pc4 originate as toroidal OSCillations, and Pc3 as poloidal oscillations of the field lines. Pi events are taken to be produced by the preaking and reconnecting of field lines, as suggested by other workers.en
dc.publisherUniversity of Nairobien
dc.titleGeomagnetic Micropulsations Observed at Kampalaen
local.publisherSchool of mathematics,en

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