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    • Maize yield reduction due to erosion in a high potential area of Central Kenya highlands 

      C.K.K, Gachene; J.P, Mbuvi; N.J, Jarvis; H, Linner (Department of Soil Science, University of NairobiDepartment of Soil Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, 1998)
      The effect of cumulative soil loss on maize (Zea mays L.) growth and yield were investigated on a humicnitisol in Kenya during the 1993 long-rains (LR) and short-rains (SR). The runoff plots had been subjected to different ...
    • Soil organic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus losses in eroded sediments from run-off plots on a clay soil in Kenya 

      C.K.K, Gachene; H, Linner; N.J, Jarvis; J.P, Mbuvi (Depanmentofsoil Science. University of NairobiDepanment of soil sciences, Swedish universiry of Agriculrural sciences, 1998)
      Poor crop growth in many parts of Kenya may be due to unfavourable soil chemical characteristics brought about by unchecked accelerated soil erosion. However information on the effects of erosion on soil fertility is ...