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    • Automatic Word Sense Disambiguation of Kiswahili Nouns 

      Nganga, W (University of NairobiCollege of biological and physical science, 2003)
    • Automobile Battery Monitoring System using Arduino Uno R3 Microcontroller Board 

      Barasa, Ignatius N; Simiyu, Justus; Waita, Sebastian; Wekesa, Denis (University of Nairobi, 2017)
      The car starter battery normally provides electrical power for engine cranking, lighting of accessories and feeding the engine ignition system. During any given car engine cranking event, a high current ranging from ...
    • An autonomous controller for site-specific management of fixed irrigation systems 

      Miranda, FR; Yoder, RE; Wilkerson, JB; Odhiambo, LO (University of NairobiCollege of Biological and Physical Sciences,University of Nairobi, 2005-09)
      Distributed irrigation control (DIC) for site-specific management and/or operation of fixed irrigation systems is easier to install and maintain as compared to centralized irrigation control (CIC), but requires multiple ...
    • Autotrophic carbon sources for fish communities in a tropical coastal ecosystem (Gazi bay, Kenya) 

      Nyunja, J; Ntiba, M; Onyari, J; Mavuti, K; Soetaert, K; Bouillon, S (Academic Press in association with the Estuarine and Brackish-water Sciences Association, 2009)
      Interlinked mangrove-seagrass ecosystems are characteristic features of many tropical coastal areas, where they act as feeding and nursery grounds for a variety of fishes and invertebrates. The autotrophic carbon sources ...
    • Availability and prices of antimalarials and staffing levels in health facilities in Embu County, Kenya 

      Ndwigah, S; Stergachis, A; Abuga, K; Mugo, H; Kibwage, I (East and Central African Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2019)
      Effective treatment of malaria relies on the availability of quality medicines while pricing is a major determinant of affordability. In addition, adequate numbers of competent staff of different cadres is essential for ...
    • Avian Area Vasculosa and CAM as Rapid In Vivo Pro-angiogenic and Antiangiogenic Models 

      Makanya, Andrew N.; Beata, Styp-Rekowska; Ivanka, Dimova; Valentin, Djonov (University of Nairobi, 2015)
      Angiogenesis, the development of new blood vessels from preexisting ones, is driven by coordinated signaling pathways governed by specific molecules, hemodynamic forces, and endothelial and periendothelial cells. The ...
    • Awareness and Prevalence of Mycotoxin Contamination in Selected Nigerian Fermented Foods 

      Ifeoluwa, Adekoya; Njobeh, Patrick; Obadina, Adewale; Chilaka, Cynthia; Okoth, Sheila; Marthe, De Boevre (University of Nairobi, 2017)
      Fermented food samples (n = 191) including maize gruel (ogi), sorghum gruel (ogi-baba), melon seed (ogiri), locust bean (iru) and African oil bean seed (ugba) from Southwest Nigeria were quantified for 23 mycotoxins, ...
    • Bacteriuria in a cohort of predominantly HIV-1 seropositive female commercial sex workers in Nairobi, Kenya 

      Ojoo, J.; Paul, J.; Batchelor, B.; Amir, M.; Kimari, J.; C. Mwachari, C.; Bwayo, J.; Plummer, F.; Gachihi, G.; Waiyaki, P.; Gilks, C. (Department of Medical Microbiology, University of Nairobi, KenyaKenya Medical Research Institute, Nairobi, KenyaPublic Health Laboratory Services, Oxford, U.K.Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool, U.K, 1996-07)
      Although significant bacteriuria and urinary tract infection are more common in immunocompetent women than men, studies linking HIV immunosuppression with an increased risk of developing urinary infection have so far only ...
    • Barongo, J.O., 1984. Euler 

      Barongo, Justus (Department of Geology, University of Nairobi, 1984)
    • Basaltic Macadam-breccias In The Girvan-ballantrae Complex, Ayrshire 

      Lewis, A D; Bloxam, T W (University of Nairobi, 1979-09)
      Many supposed “volcanic agglomerates and tuffs” in the Girvan-Ballantrae complex of southern Ayrshire are considered to be non-pyroclastic in origin. These macadam breccias are accumulations of lava breccia derived mainly ...
    • Baseline STD prevalence in a community intervention trial of the female condom in Kenya 

      Feldblum, PJ; Kuyoh, M; Omari, M; Ryan, KA; Bwayo, JJ; Welsh, M (2000)
      OBJECTIVE: We present baseline sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevalence rates from an ongoing intervention trial at Kenyan agricultural sites. METHODS: After gaining the cooperation of management, we identified ...
    • Bat species diversity and distribution in three vegetation communities of Meru National Park, Kenya 

      Oguge, NO; Webala, PW; Bekele, A (College of Biological and Physical Sciences, University of Nairobi, 2004)
      Diversity and distribution of bats was determined in four vegetation types in and around Meru National Park, Kenya between September 2000 and February 2001. Bat-habitat studies were based on plant species dominance, cover ...
    • Bathymetry of lake Bogoria, Kenya 

      Hickley, Phil; Boar, Rosalind R; Mavuti, Kenneth M (Nature Kenya/East African Natural History SocietyDepartment of Zoology, University of Nairobi, Nairobi, KenyaCentre for Ecology, Evolution and Conservation (CEEC), Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, NorwichEnvironment Agency, Arthur Drive, Hoo Farm Industrial Estate, Worcester Road, 2003)
      This paper presents the first bathymetric map for the approximately 17 km by 2 km alkaline Lake Bogoria situated in the eastern Rift Valley of Kenya. Longitudinal and transverse cross sections of the lake are also ...
    • Beach erosion: case studies on the East African coast 

      Arthurton, R S (1992-10)
      Marine erosion of late Holocene beach deposits is a common problem 011 the equatorial coasts of the western Indian Ocean, damaging or threatening tourism-related investment and communication infrastructure. The problem ...
    • Beach erosion: case studies on the East African Coast 

      Arthurton, Russell S (Coastal Geology Group, British Geological Survey, Nottingham, 1992)
      Marine erosion of late Holocene beach deposits is a common problem on the equatorial coasts of the western Indian Ocean, damaging or threatening tourism-related investment and communication infrastructure. The problem ...
    • Beamys hindei 

      Oguge, NO (College of Biological and Physical Sciences, University of Nairobi, 2006)
    • Beamys major 

      Oguge, NO; Howell, K; Chitaukali, W (College of Biological and Physical Sciences, University of Nairobi, 2006)
    • Behavioral Responses of Pyrethroid Resistant and Susceptible Anopheles Gambiae Mosquitoes to Insecticide Treated Bed Net 

      Machani, Maxwell G; Ochomo, Eric; Amimo, Fred; Mukabana, Wolfgang R; Githeko, Andrew K; Yan, Guiyun; Afrane, Yaw A (University of Nairobi, 2022)
      Background Long-lasting insecticidal nets are an effective tool in reducing malaria transmission. However, with increasing insecticide resistance little is known about how physiologically resistant malaria vectors behave ...
    • Behavioral Strategies Used by Macrotermes michaelseni foragers to Avoid Ant Predation (lsoptera: Macrotermitinae) 

      Nyamasyo, N (Department of Zoology, University of Nairobi, 1989)
      Macrotermes michae/seni, a dominant invertebrate herbivore in the semi-arid savanna of Kajiado, Kenya, was studied to establish what measures its foragers adopt to counteract ant predation while insuring adequate ...