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    • A Brief Review of Probiotic Use 

      Maitai, CK; Kokonya, DM (University of NairobiCollege of Health Sciences,University of Nairobi, 2008)
      Probiotic therapy refers to use of live microorganisms to treat human pathological disorders such as lactose intolerance and antibiotic induced superinfections. The critical point to be consideted is whether such administered ...
    • A brief Review of probiotic use 

      CK, Maitai; DM, Kokonya (University of NairobiDepartment of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacy Practice, 2008)
      Probiotic therapy refers to the use of live microorganisms for treating human pathological disorders such as lactose intolerance and antibiotic-induced superinfections. A critical point to be considered is whether such ...
    • Broad and potent neutralizing antibodies from an African donor reveal a new HIV-1 vaccine target 

      Walker, LM; Phogat, SK; Chan-Hui, PY; Wagner, D; Phung, P; Goss, JL; Wrin, T; Simek, MD; Fling, S; Mitcham, JL; Lehrman, JK; Priddy, FH; Olsen, OA; Frey, SM; Hammond, PW; Protocol G Principal Investigators; Kaminsky, S; Zamb, T; Moyle, M; Koff, WC; Poignard, P; Burton, DR (University of NairobiSchool of medicine,University of NairobiDepartment of Immunology and Microbial Science, 2009-10)
      Broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs), which develop over time in some HIV-1-infected individuals, define critical epitopes for HIV vaccine design. Using a systematic approach, we have examined neutralization breadth in ...
    • Broad HIV-1 inhibition in vitro by vaccine-elicited cd8(+) t cells in African adults. 

      Mutua, G; Farah, B; Langat, R; Indangasi, J; Ogola, S; Onsembe, B; Kopycinski, JT; Hayes, P; Borthwick, NJ; Ashraf, A; Dally, L; Barin, B; Tillander, A; Gilmour, J; De Bont, J; Crook, A; Cox, JH; Anzala, O; Fast, PE; Reilly, M; Chinyenze, K; Jaoko, W; Hanke, T (University of Nairobi, 2016)
      We are developing a pan-clade HIV-1 T-cell vaccine HIVconsv, which could complement Env vaccines for prophylaxis and be a key to HIV cure. Our strategy focuses vaccine-elicited effector T-cells on functionally and structurally ...
    • Broadly cross-reactive HIV-specific cytotoxic T-lymphocytes in highly-exposed persistently seronegative donors 

      Rowland-Jones, S L; Dong, T (University of NairobiSchool of Public Health Centre for HIV Prevention and Research, 1999)
      HIV-specific cytotoxic T-lymphocytes (CTL) are believed to play a key part in the control of virus levels throughout HIV infection. An important goal of a potential prophylactic vaccine against HIV is therefore to elicit ...
    • Broadly Neutralizing Antibody Responses in a Large Longitudinal Sub-Saharan HIV Primary Infection Cohort. 

      Landais, E; Huang, X; Havenar-Daughton, C; Murrell, B; Price, MA; Wickramasinghe, L; Ramos, A; Bian, CB; Simek, M; Allen, S; Karita, E; Kilembe, W; Lakhi, S; Inambao, M; Kamali, A; Sanders, EJ; Anzala, O; Edward, V; Bekker, LG; Tang, J; Gilmour, J; Kosakovsky-Pond, SL; Phung, P; Wrin, T; Crotty, S; Godzik, A; Poignard, P (2016)
      Broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs) are thought to be a critical component of a protective HIV vaccine. However, designing vaccines immunogens able to elicit bnAbs has proven unsuccessful to date. Understanding the ...
    • Bronchial asthma in children 

      Ogeng'o, Julius A (University of NairobiDepartment Of Human Anatomy, 1988)
    • Bronchial carcinoids--two case reports and literature review 

      Kakande, I (University of NairobiSchool of medicine,University of Nairobi, 1979-02)
    • Bronchiectasis following colectomy for hemorrhagic rectocolitis. 

      Zenone T.; Heyraud JD.; Gontier Chistopher Stuart. (Department of Human Pathology, College of Health Sciences, University of Nairobi, 1993-05)
      Pulmonary disease is an uncommon extraintestinal manifestation of inflammatory bowel disease. We report the case of a patient in whom colectomy for ulcerative colitis was followed by development of bronchiectasis. A ...
    • Bronchiectasis: a review 

      Oyoo, George O (University of Nairobi, 2000)
    • Bronchiectasis: a review, Healthline-Nairobi 

      Oyoo., G.O. (Department of clinical Medicine and therapeutics , University of Nairobi., 2002)
    • Bronchodilating and uterine activities of ageratum conyzoides extract 

      Munenge, Rahab W.; Achola, K. J. (Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy, School of Pharmacy, University of Nairobi, 1998)
      Ageratum conyzoides root and aerial part extracts induced relaxation on isolated trachea. There was no significant difference between the activities of root and aerial part extracts. When Histamine (hist) and the plant ...
    • Bronchogenic Carcinoma In Kenyatta National Hospital Nairobi, Kenya 1976-1983 

      Aluoch, J A,; Oyuga, H W (University of NairobiRespiratory Diseases Research Centre, Nairobi, Kenya, 1984-12)
    • Bronchoscopic Study On Aetiology Of Chronic Cough In HIV-infected Adults With Negative Sputum Smears For Mycobacterium Tuberculosis At Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi 

      Siika, AM; Chakaya, JM; Revathi, G; Mohamed, SS; Bhatt, KM (University of NairobiDepartment of Medicine, Moi University School of Medicine, 2006)
      OBJECTIVE: To establish the aetiology of chronic cough in HIV-infected patients with negative sputum smears for Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB). DESIGN: A cross-sectional descriptive study. SETTING: Kenyatta National Hospital, ...
    • Bronchoscopy for Removal of Aspirated Tracheobronchial Foreign Bodies at Kenyatta National Hospital, in Kenya 

      Oburra, HO; Ngumi, ZW; Mugwe, P; Masinde, PW; Maina, AW; Irungu, C (University of Nairobi, 2013)
    • Brs As A Co-operate Component Of Radiography Training Proceedings 

      Kitonyi, Joseph K.M (University of NairobiSchool of Medicine, 1986)
      While Diagnostic Radiology has become increasingly indispensable in sound clinical patient management the cost and maintenance of radiological equipment has continued to soar, reaching almost unaffordable levels in developing ...
    • Building a rheumatology team for east Africa: a call for action! 

      Genga, Eugene K.; Moots, Robert J; Oyoo, Omondi G.; Otieno, Frederick O (University of Nairobi, 2016)
      The East Africa region comprising Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda has an estimated population of 160 million [1], yet only has six rheumatologists. The challenge to meet the needs of so many people is therefore ...
    • Building capacity for cervical cancer screening in outpatient HIV clinics in the Nyanza province of western Kenya 

      Huchko, Megan J; Bukusi, EA; Cohen, Craig R (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2011)
      Objective To evaluate outcomes of cervical cancer screening within HIV care and treatment clinics in Kenya. Methods Beginning in October 2007, visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA), colposcopy, and loop electrosurgical ...
    • Building capacity in implementation science research training at the University of Nairobi 

      Osanjo, George O.; Oyugi, Julius O.; Kibwage, Isaac O.; Mwanda, Walter O.; Ngugi, Elizabeth N.; Otieno, Fredrick C.; Ndege, Wycliffe; Child, Mara; Farquhar, Carey; Penner, Jeremy; Zohray, Talib; Kiarie, James N. (University of Nairobi, 2016)
      Background Health care systems in sub-Saharan Africa, and globally, grapple with the problem of closing the gap between evidence-based health interventions and actual practice in health service settings. It is essential ...
    • Building Community Capacity In HIV/AIDS Response, The Case Of Maanisha Project 

      Wafula, Sam; Ndirangu, Meschack (University of Nairobi, 2009)
      This case study documents the experiences drawn from AMREF’s Maanisha programme in Kenya which works with various stakeholders for a co-ordinated and participatory HIV/AIDS response. The programme applies a twin approach of ...