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    • Development and characterisation of neutralising monoclonal antibody to the SARS-coronavirus. 

      Berry, JD,; Jones, S; Drebot, MA; Andonov, A; Sabara, M; Yuan, XY; Weingartl, H; Fernando, L; Marszal, P; Gren, J; Nicolas, B; Andonova, M; Ranada, F; Gubbins, MJ; Ball, TB; Kitching, P; Li, Y; Kabani, A; Plummer, F. (University of NairobiNational Centre for Foreign Animal Disease, CFIA, Winnipeg, Canada, 2004-09)
      There is a global need to elucidate protective antigens expressed by the SARS-coronavirus (SARS-CoV). Monoclonal antibody reagents that recognise specific antigens on SARS-CoV are needed urgently. In this report, the ...