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    • African Inculturation Liberation Theology 

      Wachege, P (Department of theology, 1992)
      Liberation theology is renowned as one of the strongest theological trends in our contemporary society. It is arguably maintained that Latin theologians have conscietised and explicitly oriented people onto this manner ...
    • CRS 560: African Christian Theology 

      Wachege, P (Dept. of Philosophy and Religious Studies, 2012)
      The Unit consists of twelve inter-related Lectures. Each Lecture has some in-text questions as a guide to deeper thinking and a considerable number of activities for your academic attention. You will be expected to ...
    • Curses And Cursing Among The Agĩkũyũ: Socio-Cultural And Religious Benefits 

      Wachege, P (Dept. of Philosophy and Religious Studies, 2012)
      This article examines the concept “curses” and the practice of “cursing” among the Agĩkũyũ of Kenya and draws out the emerging insights and interpretations indicating their socio-cultural and religious benefits. The ...