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      Terrorism In Africa [1]
      The Challenges and Opportunities Facing African Youth in the Advancement of Foreign Policy Interests in Africa- a Case of Kenya [1]
      The Challenges of Implementation of National Security Policies in the 21st Century Globalization: a Comparative Study of Kenya and Mozambique [1]
      The challenges of Regional Integration: case study of EAC (2000-2019) [1]
      The cross-border security challenges in the Horn of Africa Region. a case study of Kenya, Ethiopia Moyale Border [1]
      The Effects of Domestic Politics on Foreign Policy Decision Making: a Case Study of Kenya's Foreign Policy [1]
      The Impact of Border Management Strategy in Advancing Regional Security in Africa: a Case Study of Kenya and Somalia [1]
      The Impact of Climate Change Adaptations on Conflict Prevention in the 21st Century: a Comparison of Eastern and Western Africa Experiences [1]
      The Impact Of Foreign Aid On Development In Africa: A Comparative Study Of Ghana And Angola. [1]
      The Impact of Migration Governance on National Security in Africa: a Case of Kenya [1]
      The Impact of Non-tariff Trade Barriers on Economic Integration Between Kenya and Ethiopia [1]
      The Impact of Violent Extremism and Radicalization on the Political Economy of the Horn of Africa: a Case Study of Somalia and Eritrea. [1]
      The implications of corruption on Kenya’s sustainable development and economic growth [1]
      The Implications of East Africa Regional Integration on Immigration Policies: a Case Study of Kenya [1]
      The Implications of Land Reform on Sustainable Development of Rural Communities in Zimbabwe: the Case of Chief Svosve Area in Mashonaland East Province [1]
      The Influence of Conflict Resolution Mechanism in the Natural Resource Management in East Africa Region; a Case Study of Mwea Settlement Scheme in Kenya [1]
      The Influence of Political Instabilty on Environmental Governance at the Horn of Africa: a Case Study of Somalia [1]
      The legal perspective of human rights and development in Kenya. [1]
      The Nexus Between National Security Concerns and Protection of Refugee Rights: a Case Study of Kenya [1]
      The Policy Context and Its Effects on Foreign Insurance Companies in Kenya [1]