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      An assessment of the Security of Interstate Pass as a travel document within the East African Community Region. [1]
      Assessment of RBM in the public state department of public service in Kenya. [1]
      Assessment of Role of Youth Enterprise Development Fund (Yedf) on Youth Empowerment: the Case of Kasarani Constituency [1]
      Biometric Registration on Urban Refugee [1]
      Challenges in regulating foreign nationals in informal businesses: a case of the directorate of immigration services, Kenya. [1]
      Child Education [1]
      Contributions of Somali diaspora in the health institutions building: a case of migration for development in Africa, in health programs for ministry health in Somaliland. [1]
      Effect of Maternal Education on Infant Mortality in Kenya: a Comparative Analysis of Nyanza and Central Regions [1]
      Effect of Ugandan Diaspora in Kenya on Uganda’s transport sector [1]
      Enforcement of Kenya Immigration Laws: a case of the Directorate of Immigration Services [1]
      Factors Associated With Urban and Rural Under Five Mortality Differentials in Kenya [1]
      Fertility transition, female labor-force participation, population age-structure, demographic dividend [1]
      Forced Migration and Displacement [1]
      Human Rights Challenges [1]
      Labour Emigration and Household Well-being [1]
      Mandera County’s 2010- 2030 Population Projections and Their Implications on Human Resources for Health [1]
      Maternal Health Care [1]
      Monitoring and Evaluation System for the Embu Water and Sanitation [1]
      Monitoring and Evaluation Systems [1]
      Neonatal Mortality [1]