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    • Irrigation-induced Environmental Changes Sustain Malaria Transmission and Compromise Intervention Effectiveness 

      Guofa, Zhou; Hemming-Schroeder, Elizabeth; Jeang, Brook; Wang, Xiaoming; Zhong, Daibin; Ming-Chieh, Lee; Yiji, Li; Bradley, Lauren; Gobran, Sabrina R; David, Randy E; Ondeto, Benyl M; Orondo, Pauline; Atieli, Harrysone; Githure, John I; Githeko, Andrew K; Kazura, James; Guiyun, Yan (University of Nairobi, 2022)
      Background: Irrigated agriculture enhances food security, but it potentially promotes mosquito-borne disease transmission and affects vector intervention effectiveness. This study was conducted in the irrigated and ...