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dc.contributor.authorMuriithi, Charles Kimani
dc.identifier.citationMaster of Arts in Planningen
dc.description.abstractOngata-Rongai is a rapidly growing urban center in Kajiado District and it therefore falls under the jurisdiction of Olkejuado County Council. Located only 15 Kms west of Nairobi, the town has experienced a lot of physical growth which can be attributed to its close - proximity to the capital city. Its physical development is characterised by extensive residential and commercial activities. The building activities have taken place in a comparatively high rate over the last ten years thus overshadowing the planning of the area. This study is set out to examine the causes of uncontrolled urban development in Ongata-Rongai. The effects of uncontrolled urban development in the provision of basic socio-economic and physical infrastructure have been equally examined. The effectiveness and shortcomings of the planning institutions in the implementation of development control .provisions have been examined based on the premises that if the concerned institutions do not co-operate, then it becomes impossible to monitor and control development. The local authority, namely the Olkejuado County Council does not have the resources to monitor and control development in the study area and neither has Nairobi City Commission the legal mandate to control development in the area. Prior to 1983, Ongata-Rongai town did not have an approved development plan. The local authority used a sketch plan drawn to no definite scale as a plot allocation device to potential developers for residential and commercial purposes. With the town experiencing an increase in resident population spilling from the nearby Nairobi City, Ongata- Rongai underwent rapid physical development, albeit without The guidance of an authentic approved development plan. This was a great oversight for the council did not set aside any spaces for public purposes and utilities in the sketch planen
dc.titleUncontrolled urban development;its causes and implications. A case study of ongata-rongaien

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