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dc.contributor.authorMbai, Caroline A
dc.description.abstractThis study is basically concerned with the analysis of valency-adjusting operations/ process in the Suba language using the feature - checking theory of the Minimalist Program 1995 version. The study specifically analyzes the argument structure of the Suba basic and derived sentences when different types of valency -adjusting operations are part of the structure building process during the derivation of linguistics expressions in Suba. The study covers five chapters. Chapter one provides a general background to the study. A general description of the Suba language is outlined in terms of its genetic affiliation, its dialects and its morpho syntactic nature. The statement of the problem is discussed, and then the objectives and the hypothesis are developed to address the research concerns that follow. Other sub-sections include: the rational for the study, the scope and limitations, the theoretical framework, review of relevant literature, research methodology and the significance of the study. Chapter two focuses on the Suba morphosyntax. . The aim of this chapter is to identify the shape and distribution of the inflectional features as a preparatory ground for the discussion of the valency-adjusting operators in chapter three and also identifies the inflectional features which undergo feature checking as analyzed in chapter four. Particular attention is directed to the sentences structure to locate the distribution of selected inflectional morphemes such as the tense, aspect, mood and subject and object agreement. Chapter three discusses the valency - adjusting processes portrayed in the Suba language. This includes the benefactive and the causative which are the valency- increasing operations and also the passive, reciprocal and the reflexive which are the valencyreducing operations. This chapter seeks to answer the question: what determines the addition or the elimination of some NPs within the Suba clause structure? Chapter four is a minimalist analysis of valency-adjusting operations in the Suba language. The feature-checking procedure is used to analyze the sentences and to show how the benafactive and causative processes license the addition of arguments in the Suba sentence, conversely, how the passive reciprocal and reflexive license the reduction of arguments in the Suba sentence during the derivation process. Lastly, chapter five provides a summary on the research findings and recommendation on areas that require more research.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Nairobi, Kenyaen_US
dc.titleValency-adjusting operations in the Suba language: a minimalist approachen_US
dc.title.alternativeThesis (MA)en_US

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