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dc.contributor.authorRocheleau, D
dc.contributor.authorJama, M
dc.contributor.authorWamalwa, B
dc.identifier.citationABDI, PROFJAMAMOHAMUD. 1995. Rocheleau, D., Jama M., Wamalwa, B., (1995) "Gender, Ecology, and Agro forestry: Science and Survival in Kathama". In GENDER, RESOURCES, AND DEVELOPMENT IN KENYA: a Grassroots Perspective, ed. Barabara Thomas-Slayter and Dianne Rocheleau (Lynne Rienner Pu. Lynne Rienner Publishers. : ELOQUENT BOOKS NY, Strategic Book Group, Connecticut, USA. ISBN-978-1-60911-081-9.Pages1en
dc.titleGender, Ecology, And Agro Forestry: Science And Survival In Kathama. in gender, resources, and development in kenya:en
local.publisherArts Economics, University of Nairobien

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