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dc.contributor.authorLutta, John W
dc.identifier.citationLutta,John W.,2013.Factors Influencing Implementation Of Early Childhood Education In Kenya: A Case Of Matungu Sub-county In Kakamega County.en_US
dc.description.abstractIt is no doubt that the transition of the early childhood education programmes for children from nursery to primary school depends on how well they are prepared. However this could only be achieved depending on how various key factors are well taken care of. The study sought to establish factors that influence implementation of Early childhood education Curriculum in Matungu district. The study was descriptive survey research design that targeted the 58 early chiIdhood education teachers randomly selected, 58 head teachers and the ECD education official in Matungu District. Data was collected using Questionnaires from teachers and through personal interviews with the officials. Frequency distribution tables, figures, bar graphs and percentages will be used to analyze and present the data. The study should be able to reveal factors that influence the implementation of Early Childhood curriculum. On the basis of the findings the researcher should be able to recommend the factors that would be involved intensively during the curriculum implementation process, so as to provide them with a background on what to implement including how and when to implement them. He should be able also to recommend the facilities needed, such as teaching/learning materials to enable schools have the capacities to implement the curriculum. The researcher should be able to recommend a further study based on the findings. Head teachers as instructional leaders didn't play their roles of supervision, provision of teaching learning resources and in-servicing of teachers to enable them carry out their mandate of implementing the curriculum effectively. This was attributed to lack of funds and head teachers lack of knowledge and understanding of the ECD curriculum .In addition head teachers had failed to facilitate good human relationship among the members of the school that could enable them to share ideas and views on the effective ways on implementing of ECDE curriculum. The Ministry of Education through the Directorate of Quality Assurance and Standards should mount in-service programmes for head teachers meant for improving their performance curriculum roles. A study is recommended on the head teachers supervisory activities on the moral 0f ECD teachers.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Nairobien_US
dc.titleFactors influencing implementation of early childhood education in Kenya: A case of Matungu sub-county in Kakamega countyen_US

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