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dc.contributor.authorMutalemwa, Archard R
dc.identifier.citationArchard R. Mutalemwa (1980). Traffic Congestion On Arterial Roads In Dar Es Salaam With Reference To Norogoro And Bagamoyo Roads. Master of Arts Planningen_US
dc.description.abstractThe problem of traffic congestion being a very predominant one in most urban centres creates a lot of problems both to the road users and those concerned with its eradication. This being the case therefore, this study looks into this problem in the case of Dar es Salaam with special reference to Morogoro and Bagamoyo roads. It aims to establish the reasons why congestion occurs and find remedies to these reasons. It has been revealed by the study that the problem of traffic congestion on Morogoro and Bagamoyo roads arises as a result of the current land use pattern which has resulted into locating of high income areas and areas of high vehicle ownership in the study area. Together with this, other factors like poor traffic control especially at junctions and inadequacy in road capacity among others have been identified. It has been further established that a lot of growth has taken place in the study area for the past years as compared to the growth of Dar e£ Salaam as a whole. These factors have contributed a lot towards increasing the problem of traffic congestion, as roads have been time after time, inadequate in accommodating traffic. To solve the problem, suggestions like widening of the roads under study and re-organisation of future land uses have been given by this study. Success of these recommendations will very much depend on the manner and organisation in which they are implemented which will lead to the solution of the problem of congestion.en_US
dc.titleTraffic congestion on arterial roads in Dar Es Salaam with reference to Morogoro and Bagamoyo roadsen_US

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