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dc.contributor.authorOraro, Elisha J
dc.description.abstractOne of the most important problems that may occur in the construction of community water project is delays and the significance of these delays varies considerably from project to project. Delays on construction projects are a universal phenomenon which is almost always accompanied by cost and time overruns. Construction project delays have a debilitating effect on parties (owner, contractor, consultant, financier) to a contract in terms of a growth in adversarial relationships, distrust, litigation, arbitration, cash-flow problems, and a general feeling of apprehension towards each other. It is common to find project progress reports merely reporting on construction delays with no particular reference to the causes of such delays. The purpose of this study was to identify the major determinants of delays in construction of community water projects in Rachuonyo district, focusing on the GoK/UNICEF WASH programme 200S-2014 funded projects. The study sought to establish the extent to which Design & Construction-Related factors; Management Related factors; Socio-Economic Related factors and Acts of God-Related factors determine delays in construction of community water projects in Rachuonyo district. The study utilized descriptive survey research design and employed census sampling to sample four major stakeholders (Financier, Owner/CBOlEmployer, Engineer/Consultant and Contractor) at a contract management level, utilizing a total sample of 91. The main data collection instrument was a self-administered questionnaire that was reviewed by peers and then the supervisor to ascertain its face and construct validity. The questionnaire was pilot-tested using a sample of IS respondents in Nyando district, after which its reliability was determined using Cronbanch alpha (a) coefficient, giving a reliability coefficient of (1= 0.76. Raw data was collected from the respondents through both physically administering the questionnaire and through email (online). The data obtained was analyzed with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Scientists (SPSS) computer programme. Descriptive data was analyzed and presented using means, standard deviations percentages and frequencies while inferential analysis was done using Spearman (rho) Correlation coefficient. The study established that significantly positive relationships (p<0.01) existed between delays in project construction and availability of construction tools and equipment (rho=O.6S); adequacy/inadequacy of design documents (rho=0.5S); changes in project plan drawings and specifications (rho=O.52); problems in procurement of project materials (0.54); inadequate planning and logistics (rho=O.63); scheduling of construction activities (rho=O.61); delayed remittance of community contribution (rho=0.S5); Budget ceilings 0'[ the project (rho=O.77) and Late/untimely disbursement of project funds (rho=O. 71). The significantly positive relationships between delays in project construction and design and construction-related factors as well as management-related factors, which fall under the control of the contractor point to weaknesses on their ability to deliver on the constructional aspects of the project. Socioeconomic-related factors had the greatest impact on delays in the construction of community water projects, more so delayed remittance of community contribution being in the lead. Community mobilization should therefore be enhanced while giving serious attention to other Socio-Economic related factors including; late/untimely disbursement of project funds and budget ceilings of the project against changes in cost of materials as they impact greatly on the project construction process. However, further studies should be carried out on factors or/and determinants of poor community contribution towards construction of water projects.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Nairobi, Kenyaen_US
dc.titleDeterminants of delays in construction of community Water projects in Rachuonyo District; A case of GOK UNICEF Wash porgarammeen_US
dc.title.alternativeThesis (MA)en_US

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