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dc.contributor.authorUniversity of Nairobi
dc.description.abstractESRC and DFID are pleased to announce a second call of the DFID-ESRC Growth Research Programme. Outline proposals are invited for projects with a Full Economic Cost (fEC) value of a minimum £100,000 and above. The duration of projects should range from a minimum of one year up to a maximum of three years. UK-based researchers will be funded at 80 per cent fEC, whilst non-UK researchers will receive 100 per cent of the direct costs of the research, plus a variable overhead. The total budget for this call will be £10.25 million. Research under this call should address one or more of three main themes: Theme 1: Agriculture and growth Theme 2: Financial sector development and growth Theme 3: Innovation and productivity growth in low-income countries Proposals will not be progressed that are deemed to not be within the scope of the call. For full details of the call, please see the call webpage: For any queries about the call, please contact Share: Facebook Twitter Google Plus Yahoo LinkedIn Digg Deliciousen_US
dc.titleDFID-ESRC Growth Research Programme - call 2 Deadline for applications: 16.00 UK time on 25 April 2013.en_US

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