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dc.contributor.authorOkoko, William O
dc.description.abstractFactors that influence an individual's self esteem and academic performance include and not limited to school environment, teachers, peers, and the hidden curricdlum. as wen as s demographic factors such as parents' background affect learners self esteem as well as performance. It was important to find out how these factors shape the student self esteem. The recognition of self worth of learners or the lack of it can yield an observable trait in the learners which would inspire them either to achieve ,)f not to achieve an end in life. The specific objectives of the study sough! to : invest-gate the effects of self esteem on academic performance of secondary school students f~F Home-bay county; establish the effect of age on self esteem and academic performance of the Form Four students ric Ndhiwa district, Home-bay county; establish the effect of gender on self esteem and academic performance of Form Four students in Ndhiwa district and finally, examine the effect of teachers on students' self esteem and their academic performance in Ndhiwa district. To satisfy the four objectives, the study used the descriptive survey research. IIi: researcher used structured and open- ended questionnaire. Data was gathered ;)11 sehoul factors and also on the feelings and perceptions about their self esteem and academic performance. The result showed that the teachers, peers and co curricular activities as well as parental background have an influence on self esteem and academic performance .. The findings of the study have revealed that: i) some 58.33% of the students who performance well felt performance and always felt like showing them to others. as far as age is concerned, the findings show that 64.33% of the students interviewed had attained 18 years and above. (Nelson et al, 2006). iii) more boys (50%) than girls (48.7%) aspired to obtain a first degree. On the other hand, more girls than boys aspired to leave the school at Form Four (1 ()o1o) and (6.7%) respectively. iv) nearly all the students said that they felt proud of their teachers who they felt made them perform well. The findings presented herewith seem to suggest that age and gender have influence on self- esteem and in turn academic performance of the students. However, since the study was based on public secondary schools only, there is need to investigate the self esteem of students in private secondary schools. In addition j self esteem of pupils at primary level from private and public schools should also be studied.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Nairobi, Kenyaen_US
dc.titleSelf esteem and academic performance of students in public secondary schools in Ndhiwa District, Kenyaen_US
dc.title.alternativeThesis (MEd)en_US

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