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    • Paleosecular variation of plio-pleistocene lavas from the Loiyangalani region of Kenya 

      Opdyke, N D; Kent, D V,; Kent, D V; Huang, K; Foster, D A; Patel, J (University of Nairobi, 2008)
      The data reported here is part of a study of Pliocene-Pleistocene lavas in Kenya to document the paleosecular variation and time-averaged geomagnetic field direction near to the Equator. We sampled 32 sites (10 oriented ...
    • Preliminary Equatorial Paleomagnetic results from Mt. Kenya Lavas 

      Opdyke, N. D; Kent, D. V; Huang, K; Patel, J. P (Department of geological Sciences, the University of FloridaDept of Geology, Rutgers Universitydept of Physics ,The University of Nairobi, 2007)
      Field work on this study was carried out in August of 2006 by field parties from the University of Florida and Rutgers University. Mt Kenya is believed to be Plio-Pleistocene in age and an Argon dating survey is underway ...