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    • Gender vulnerability to climate variability and household food insecurity 

      Tasokwa, Kakota; Nyariki, Dickson; Mkwambisi, David; Kogi-Makau, Wambui (Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Technology, University of Nairobi, 13-10-11)
      Climate variability presents different challenges for men and for women in their efforts to ensure household food security. However, despite their central role, gender issues have received only cursory attention in adaptation ...
    • The Joy and Challenges of Capacity Building for Better Nutrition in Africa. 

      Kogi-Makau, Wambui; Mwangi, A M; Mwikya, S M; Ngala, S; Sehmi, J K; Obudho, E; Mugo, J (Applied Nutrition Programme (ANP) Department of Food Technology and Nutrition, Universityof Nairobi, Kenya, 2006-02)
      partners to recognize the need for tangible support in capacity building at institutions of higher learning for better nutrition in Africa. Objective: To articulate the experience of capacity building in nutrition in ...
    • Morphological and functional anatomy of the cloaca and terminal colon of the African ostrich 

      Warui, C N (Dept. of Agriculture Western Cape, Elsenburg (South Africa)Department of Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology, University of Nairobi, 1998)
    • What is Happening in Africa in the 1990s? 

      Antoine, Pierre; Gilbert, Elon; Timmer, Peter; Ackello-Ogutu, Chris (Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Nairobi, Kenya, 1992)
      I think we are concerned about Africa because the performance of the economies generally, and agriculture specifically, is declining not only compared with other developing regions but also compared with the past. And, ...