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dc.contributor.authorMbuthia, E W
dc.contributor.authorGachuiri, C K
dc.contributor.authorAbate, A
dc.identifier.citationIndian Journal of Animal Sciences 72 (4): 341-345, April 2002en
dc.description.abstractColostrum of cows of the Sahiwal breed was preserved for I month at 28°C by 5 different methods viz, treatment with. formaldehyde at levels of 0.1% and 0.05%; acidification with formic acid at levels of 0.5% and 0.1%; and an untreated control. Weekly aliquots were analyzed for total solids, crude protein. lactose, pH and titratable acidity. Nonprotein ; i) ~ J nitrogen determination was carried out every 2 weeks. There was no SIgnificant change in crude protein and total solids, content of the colostrums in all the treatment methods. Non-protein nitrogen increased significantly in all treatment C , groups with the highest increases being recorded in the naturally fermented and the formic acid-treated colostrum batches. ' The pH decreased and titratable acidity increased most rapidly in the untreated colostrum an" least of all in the formaldehyde-: treated colostrum, Decrease of lactose was most pronounced in the untreated colostrum.en
dc.subjectChemical evaluationen
dc.titleChemical evaluation of -bovine colostrum preserved by different methods in a hot climate.en
local.publisherDepartmeni of Animal Productionen

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