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    • A grapheme-based approach for accent restoration in Gıkuyu 

      Wagacha, Peter W; De Pauw, Guy; Githinji, Pauline W (02-07-13)
      The orthography of G˜ık˜uy˜u includes a number of accented characters to represent the entire vowel system. These characters are however not readily available on standard computer keyboards and are usually represented as ...
    • Unsupervised induction of Dholuo word classes using maximum entropy learning 

      De Pauw, Guy; Wagacha, Peter W; Abade, Dorothy Atieno (02-07-13)
      This paper describes a proof-of-the-principle experiment in which maximum entropy learning is used for the automatic induction of word classes for the Western Nilotic language of Dholuo. The proposed approach extracts ...