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dc.contributor.authorMangala, Michael J
dc.description.abstractNairobi River originates from a swamp near Kikuyu town, about 24 kilometres west of Nairobi city centre and meanders across the city covering a stretch of about 30 kilometres. Within the city area, the river is contaminated by runoff waters; untreated effluent from residential areas and small-scale industries; and a significant volume of treated wastewaters from Kariobangi Sewerage Treatment Works. Its waters are used for various purposes, in particular agricultural, both within and outside the city environs. Most often the food crops grown along this river appear healthy and are attractive to customers. However, it is suspected that the waters used for irrigation purposes may contain high levels of heavy metals and these may end up being assimilated by these food crops and thereafter enter the food chain.en
dc.titleUrban Farming along Nairobi River:en
dc.title.alternativeHow Safe are the Food Cropsen

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