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dc.contributor.authorOjwang, S B O
dc.contributor.authorChaudhry, S
dc.contributor.authorKhan, KS
dc.contributor.authorKhehar, BS
dc.contributor.authorOtieno, MR
dc.identifier.citationEast Afr Med J. 1992 Sep;69(9):483en
dc.description.abstractAn audit of 381 hysterectomies performed over a 5 year period (1986-1990) was carried out. In order to assess justification of the indication for hysterectomy pre-operative diagnoses were divided into two groups: those potentially confirmable by pathologic study and those not potentially confirmable by pathologic study. Out of the 273 cases studied in the first group, 246 (90.1%) were justified, while out of the 108 cases studied in the second group, 82 (75.9%) were justified. An overall 86% justification rate was observed. Adenomyosis as a histopathologic finding was seen more commonly in Asian than African patients (P < 0.005). Morbidity rate was 20% and there were no mortalities. The procedure in general was considered safe and justifieden
dc.publisherUniversity of Nairobi
dc.subjectAudit of hysterectomiesen
dc.subjectAga Khan Hospital, Nairobien
dc.titleAudit of Hysterectomies at the Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi: Justification of Operative Indicationsen
local.publisherSchool of medicineen

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