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dc.contributor.authorMwaura, John K.
dc.description.abstractGiven that majority of the Kenyans are below the poverty line, the high interest rate of borrowing from our banks and slow economic growth rate the Co-operatives movements are seen to be supporting the welfare of almost 70/0 of the developments done by the Mwananch/ The Co-operatives are fully autonomous and the members have full control of the running of the Society. A CMC is normally elected by the members in an annual AGM and are charged with control of day-to-day running of the Society. We have seen a number of them going down due to mis-management by the people in charge of the societies. This raises the question of how well the co-operatives are managedgiven that they have been liberalized and have the full mandate to run their ownaffairs. The Co-operative Act formed in Parliament serves regulates or provides a framework within which Co-operative movements can operate safely but does not have direct control of the Society's affairs. Today, I want to believe that very few of these Society's have thought that computerization can be a solution to most of the above problems. There is also an unmet need in many organizations for the development of customized software and database systems. Majority of them are still processing information manually. Some of the Systems already developed and in use are too expensive to purchase, don't meet users needs or they are under utilized by the users. Shujaa Savings and Credit Society Ltd is a Co-operative Society with 8 insurance companies coming together to form it. It has rented an office in town and employed a ull time Bookkeeper to do bookkeeping and accounting functions of the Society. Shujaa currently has a Pentium III computer and an Epson LQ 2170 printer, which is under utilized. Some records are kept in spreadsheet files but this has not maximized the ROI. Efforts to get a computerized system have not been successful for the last two years. This is either because of low quality software, which is quite cheap but does not have rich functionality or too expensive and exceeding the budget allocation. Sacco Information system has been developed to address the needs of Shujaa Cooperative movement. The systems addresses various problems especially in the loaning procedures - excessive loaning to certain members, loss of income due to poor recovery, bouncing of loan cheques due to lack of bank reconciliation and massive withdrawal due to red tape by CMCofficials.en
dc.titleSacco Information Systemen
local.publisherSchool of Computing and Informaticsen

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