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dc.contributor.authorOkello, Crispin
dc.description.abstractThe project was undertaken to develop an Information System for a SACCO. USIU SACCO was used as the main point of reference. The objective was to develop a system not only to computerize the existing manual system and enhance efficiency in records retrieval and reports generation, among others, but also to make recommendations that would enhance efficiency in the processes. The methodology used for Software Development was the System Analysis and Design Development Methodology (SSADM). SSADM uses easy terminology that makes it easy for users and developers to understand. The system is based on Relational Data. MS-Access was used to create, edit (update) and carry out other manipulations in the database. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) was used for coding.en
dc.subjectSACCO Information Systemen
dc.titleSacco information system (SIS)en
local.publisherSchool of Computing and Informaticsen

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