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dc.contributor.authorChinweike, Udogwu
dc.identifier.citationM.Sc (Information Systems)en
dc.descriptionMaster of Science Thesisen
dc.description.abstractProblem Statement The problem under investigation pertains to the lack ofInternet merchant accounts to enable local merchants to sell their goods and services and receive payments conveniently over the Internet. This research was tasked with the development of an alternative payment system for local e-cornmerce. Methodology The methodology employed in this research is structured system analysis and design. It involves the following phases:• System Analysis • System Design • Coding • Testing Results ,- . The end product in this research is a working e-payment system prototype. The prototype is . .." based on a pre-paid e-commerce model wher~ consumers use virtual or server e-payment account to make payments to merchants. The system is web based and runs on an apache web server with an oracle database back end and PlIP scripting language to provide the system's dynamism. The system is able to register merchants and consumers and assign them virtual e-payment accounts with which they use to make online transactions with each other. Conclusions The development of this e-payment prototype System illustrates the advantages of a pre-paid e-commerce payment system over the conventional credit card model. The system works independent of the banking network thus making it simple and intuitive for both merchants and consumers. The system will be appropriate for local merchants who want to expand their businesses to the Internet and sell goods and services to the local market. The pre-paid aspect of the system creates a guarantee of payment for the merchant, and they receive their money instantly as compared to the credit card approach to selling goods online.en
dc.description.sponsorshipUniversity of Nairobien
dc.titleAn E-Payment system for Local E-Commerceen
local.publisherSchool of computing and informatics, University of Nairobien

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