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dc.contributor.authorKipsang, chirchir Paul
dc.description.abstractThis study set out to critically examine the views held by that section of humanity who advocate for legalization of abortion. To achieve this an analysis of the proabortion's key arguments in support of abortion was carried out using the deontological ethical theory as a framework. The study has critically analyzed the reasons and arguments given in support of abortion. It has found out that such arguments are untenable and therefore can not be used as a basis for the termination of the life of the unborn baby. This study has also attempted to show, through the examination of the physical, psychological and economic post-abortion effects both to the individuals concerned and the society, that the consequential cost of the abortion decision outweigh any supposed benefit. As a solution to the abortion problem this study has suggested and recommended viable options and steps of action that seem more appropriate, dignified, and uphold the sanctity of human life. It is believed that this study has made some modest contribution to the world of scholarship. More particularly, it is hoped that it will provide useful material/information for individuals, families, organizations, academic institutions and government policy makers that are now faced with the dilemma of abortion or have accepted ien
dc.description.sponsorshipThe University of Nairobien
dc.subjectA critical analysis of the Pro-abortion positionen
dc.titleAbortion: a critical analysis of the Pro-abortion positionen

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