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dc.contributor.authorZala, Dayalji N
dc.descriptionDegree of Master of Science in Geologyen
dc.description.abstractSeveral hundred assay values of the bore holes drilled within the ore body at Bukangama deposit of Kilembe Mines Uganda were collected. The dips and the thickness of the ore body at each bore hole, and whether the o;re body is hanging wall ore body, middle ore body or the foot wall ore body, were also noted. The bore holes were then divided into dip groups,thickness groups and the haning wall, foot wall and middle ore body groups. Their copper contents were carefully noted. Analysis of variance was done on these groups with the view to establish the variance of their· copper content with increasing dip, increasing thickness, and dividing,(by band or bands of, wasteJ, the ore body into hanging wall ore body, middle ore body and foot wall ore body. The study revealed that with the increase of dips of ore body the copper content also increased, the highest being at the crests. Similarly thickness groups showed the increase of copper content with the increase of thickness of the ore body. As regards ore body when divided into the three groups, hanging wall, middle and foot wall ore body the copper content was observed to be highest in hanging wall ore body followed by middle and the foot wall are body respectively. Hence the study indicates an upward trend of migration of copper within the are body. This shows that after the are body was deposited in banded form which could have resulted from earlier originally disseminated deposits, the tectonic episodes that followed folded and cross folded the are body within the host rocks and thereby subjected the sulphides to stresses and high temperatures. The stress imposed and the high temperature mobilized the sulphides to less pressure regions such as domes and basins of the structure. The mobilization of copper into the higher regions of the structure could have been in ionic state or as molten or semimolten sulphide fihding its way up due to density difference.en
dc.titleA study of Bukangama copper ore bodies Kilembe mine Ugandaen
local.publisherDepartment of Geology, University of Nairobien

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