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dc.contributor.authorKamara, V.
dc.descriptionMaster of Architecture Thesisen
dc.description.abstractThe proposed hostel design has been based mainly on the following parameters:- 01. T'he Environmental Control This resulted in the use of (a) Cavity wall construction which decreases the Decrement factor thus providing comfort at night. (b) Light weight concrete as an insulation on the roof. (c) Small window in the student rooms. (d) Enclosed building form which creates courtyyards as places for resting. 02. Economical and political parameter. With this consideration the following features resulted. Use of burnt clay bricks as locally produced material an aspect empha si zed very much by the Government. (b) Limiting the design to three stories only thus avoiding use of lifts. (c) Use of timber where possible because it is cheap and locally available. 03. Organization of space: To produced a good relationship of the student rooms with other co~munial facilities (a) Student Dinin£ space. (b) Games rooms,playing fields. (c) Operational part - that is the classrooms, and administration , (d) Other neighbouring faciJities e.g. Small industries Residential areas. Ironing and Laundry etc. EXPANSION The derign form used can be enployed even when expansion is required. The design has staggered shapes and beautiful and interesting enclosed and semi-endorsed courtyyards which form outdoor spaces used for differeni activities. I am convinced that the solution presented is my most appropriate one for the student hostel in Dodoma.en
dc.titleStudents' hostel of the proposed Dodoma Technical College Tanzaniaen
local.publisherFaculty of Architecture, Design And Development, University of Nairobien

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