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dc.contributor.authorKithakye, David
dc.descriptionMaster of Architectureen
dc.description.abstractAcultural centre is an institution in which people can practice. Preserve and enhance their culture. In the Kenya context, it will also be the place in which Kenya will rediscover and redefine their culture. Such a centre will have properly organised activity spaces which will allow free integration of all the peoples of our nation as they take part in the expressive and creative activities of man: song and dance; poetry and drama; painting and sculpture; constumes and traditional dishes. The object of this thesis has been to organize the activity zones and to integrate all the sections within them. The location of these facilities, the building form and materials used and the treatment of surroundings should provide a local natural, feeling; drawing the people into and through the centre. The achievement of the above has not been easy but a good ,attempt has been made on the performing arts section:- music, dance and drama - which is dealt with in the following project. The siting of these facilities in the park has been exciting, calling for more careful solutions to the surroundings and external finishes. The project also require( a lot of experimenting with space relationship and application of technology which was a great and useful inj8ctiou at this level to the author.en
dc.titleKenya cultural centreen
local.publisherFaculty of Architecture, Design And Development, University of Nairobien

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