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dc.contributor.authorGathuo, Peter Kamau
dc.identifier.citationMaster of Arts In Regional Planning and Resource Developmenten
dc.description.abstractShortage of adequate shelter in many of Kenya's urban centres is a major concern for both municipal and central governments. Poverty, hopelessness and disease are among the issues that make the spread of slums in Kenya's urban areas a matter requiring and dictating urgent concern. It has become evident over the course of time that most of the adopted solutions" like slum demolition or delivery of housing through site and service schemes are not viable solutions. A bed sitter and a wet-core were provided in the site and service schemes as an attempt towards providing adequate shelter for the urban poor but they were not very successful, In the Pangani site and service scheme in Nakuru municipality most of the inhabitants sold their units or deserted the scheme. Despite housing being one of the basic human' needs an appropriate solution has been lacking. Consequently, lack of adequate shelter for the urban poor in the Least Developed countries (LDC's) makes it mandatory to evaluate the status quo and attempt to establish a workable planning process that would gradually contribute forwards the establishment of a lasting solutionen
dc.publisherUniversity of Nairobien
dc.titleShelter for the urban poor: the Pangani site and service scheme, Nakuru municipality, Kenya. A case studyen
local.publisherUniversity of Waterloo,Ontario Canada,en

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