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dc.contributor.authorOdero, Kenneth K.
dc.identifier.citationMaster of Arts (Planning)en
dc.description.abstractUrban settlement in Nairobi started where the Central Business District (CBD) is located. The existing internal structure in the CBD represents a dichotomy of distinct character zones. The east- CBD is generally made up of old and outworn buildings served by narrow roads and accommodating a high density of land use activities. These attributes of the east-CBD coupled with a positive policy regime have generated piecemeal redevelopment activities in the area which has long been blighted. This study set out to simulate the redevelopment trends in the area with an aim of exposing conditions that redevelopment activities would impose in the east-CBD. By applying the Monte Carlo technique on the sample distribution of building age, the redevelopment potential of the area is shown in terms of expected floor area that would be created between the years 1988 and 2001. Analysis of redevelopment patterns show that the process will exacerbate circulation, congestion and constriction problems, erode the historical value and cause changes in the functional character of the east-CBD. Such trends would invariably have adverse effects on the future role of the CBD as expressed in planning policies. Thus, there is need for a shift or change in the present planning policies, which change would facilitate the conservation of the positive attributes as well as create an efficient, convenient and attractive CBD environmenten
dc.titleRedevelopment trends, problems and potentials within the central business district of nairobi,Kenya.en

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