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dc.contributor.authorKaburi, Josephellah Nyatichi
dc.descriptionMaster of Arts in designen
dc.description.abstractColour is a major interior design to than an be employed to change the ambience of interior spaces on a low budget. Walls for example, are the best surface that colour application can easily be emphasised on. Colour plays a part in giving an interior its character as well as depicting the perception of its dwellers. It can make a room seem larger or smaller, it can make ceilings seem higher or lower than they actually are. Colour is a matter of a person's perception and it has differing meanings and feelings depending on an individual's age, exposure, sex, or even character. This study set out to investigate the opinions of middle class residents in Nyayo High Rise Estate, about the present colour in their houses and whether they were content with it or would like to change it. If the residents would like to have colours that were different from what they currently had, the study sought to find out what colours they would choose and why as well as what they felt about other different colours. The study found out that residents would indeed like to change the colour in their interiors as often as possible to help them refresh, rejuvenate and grow if only they owned the houses or had enough disposable income. In view of the major findings, the study concluded that colour is an important component of interior design and the occupants of a house or home should be given the freedom to choose the colours that they are serene with as they spend their waking hours consuming of a colour they are uncomfortable with but only have to put up with it because their choices are limiteden
dc.titleImpact of applied colour in middle class Interiors: a case study of Nyayo Highrise estate in Nairobi.en
local.publisherFaculty of Architecture, Design and Development, University of Nairobien

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