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dc.contributor.authorGathumbi, J K
dc.contributor.authorBebora, L C
dc.identifier.citationGathumbi, J.K, Bebora, L. C(2000). The occurrence of aflatoxin in poultry tissues collected in Nairobi, Kenya. Bulletin of Animal Health and production in Africa; 48(1): 61-62en
dc.descriptionJournal articleen
dc.description.abstract106 (80 from poultry slaughterhouse and 26 from sick birds) chicken liver samples collected during October 1997 were analysed to determine the extent of aflatoxin B1 in poultry tissues. Analysis of aflatoxin B1 was done according to the 2-dimensional TLC method. Results revealed that none (0) of the 80 samples from poultry slaughterhouse had any aflatoxin B1 residues, while three from the 26 samples of sick birds were contaminated with aflatoxin B1. None of the sick birds examined had gross lesion suggestive of aflatoxicosis. There is need to carry out research work on possible epidemiological associations between aflatoxin intake, aflatoxin residues and disease occurrence in poultry flocks in Kenya.en
dc.subjectPoultry tissuesen
dc.titleThe occurrence of aflatoxin in poultry tissues collected in Nairobi, Kenya.en
local.publisherDepartment of Veterinary Pathology, Microbiology and Parasitology, University of Nairobien

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