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dc.contributor.authorCallear, Anthony B
dc.contributor.authorShiundu, PM
dc.identifier.citationChemical Physics Letters Volume 136, Issues 3–4, 8 May 1987, Pages 342–34en
dc.description.abstractThe rate coefficient of the process Hg 6s6p(3P0→3P1) induced by nitrogen collisions has been measured over the range 285 to 340 K. The temperature variation closely matches that of the concentration of N2(v = 1). The results support the electronic to vibrational energy-transfer mechanism for the deactivation of 3P1 to 3P0 by nitrogenen
dc.titleTemperature dependence of the Hg 6s6p(3P0→3P1) transition induced by nitrogenen
local.publisherDepartment of Chemistry, University of Nairobien

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