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dc.contributor.authorDharani, N
dc.contributor.authorKinyamario, JI
dc.contributor.authorWagacha, PW
dc.contributor.authorRodrigue, AJ
dc.identifier.citationAfrican Journal of Ecology Volume 47, Issue 2, pages 184–191, June 2009en
dc.description.abstractSignificant differences (P<0.05) were found in growth of plant height, canopy cover and stem diameter of Acacia xanthophloea trees in fenced plot as compared with unfenced plot both in the wet and in the dry seasons. Finding of this study showed that although heavy browsing reduced the height and canopy of trees, it did not kill any trees and seedling regeneration took place simultaneously. Despite the presence of large herbivores that impact some considerable browsing pressure results indicate that the A. xanthophloea habitat type would continue to remain in balance in the presence of recruitment of seedlings and saplings. The conditions at the time of study indicate that the browsing on A. xanthophloea was not significant and was not serious enough to warrant management intervention at present.en
dc.subjectLake Nakuruen
dc.titleBrowsing impact of large herbivores on Acacia xanthophloea Benth in Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenyaen

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