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dc.contributor.authorGibbin, KP
dc.contributor.authorMason, SM
dc.contributor.authorSingh, CB
dc.identifier.citationClinical Otolaryngology & Allied Sciences Volume 6, Issue 6, pages 395–400, December 1981en
dc.description.abstractEleven patients with classical Méniére's disorder were examined electrophysiologically using extratympanic electrocochleography. All had been fully investigated audiologically and by electronystagmography. In addition to the classical triad of symptoms, 7 complained also of fullness or blockage in the ear, this symptom being associated with fluctuation of the deafness. All patients showed the characteristic enhancement of the SP component of the AP/SP waveform. Following glycerol the SP component was reduced in amplitude, producing a decrease in the width of the waveform. Maximum reduction occurred approximately 60 min after administration of glycerolen
dc.subjectGlycerol dehydrationen
dc.subjectMénire's disorderen
dc.subjectExtratympanic electrocochleographyen
dc.titleGlycerol dehydration tests in Ménière's disorder using extratympanic electrocochleographyen
local.publisherCollege of Biological Sciences, University of Nairobien
local.publisherDepartments of Otolaryngology and Medical Physics, University Hospital, Nottinghamen

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