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dc.contributor.authorGithure, JI
dc.contributor.authorSchnur, LF
dc.contributor.authorLe Blancq, SM
dc.contributor.authorHendricks, LD
dc.identifier.citationAnn Trop Med Parasitol. 1986 Oct;80(5):501-7.en
dc.description.abstractA survey to examine rodents for leishmanias was initiated in the Perkerra Settlement Scheme, Marigat, Baringo District, Kenya, 789 rodents of ten different species were trapped and examined. Leishmanial parasites were isolated from the spleen and liver of 17 animals of five different species: seven from Tatera robusta, five from Arvicanthis niloticus, two from Mastomys natalensis, two from Taterillus emini and one from Aethomys kaiseri. These were identified as L. major by enzyme electrophoresis, using 12 enzymes, and by excreted factor (EF) serotyping. The isolation of L. major from Mastomys natalensis, Taterillus emini and Aethomys kaiseri represent newly recorded hosts of L. majoren
dc.publisherUniversity of Nairobi.en
dc.titleCharacterization of Kenyan Leishmania spp. and identification of Mastomys natalensis, Taterillus emini and Aethomys kaiseri as new hosts of Leishmania major.en
local.publisherDepartment of Zoologyen

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