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dc.contributor.authorMustapha, A O
dc.contributor.authorKalambuka, H A
dc.contributor.authorMaina, D M
dc.contributor.authorOnyatta, J
dc.contributor.authorKioko, J
dc.contributor.authorMasinza, S
dc.contributor.authorKamande, J
dc.descriptionFull Texten
dc.description.abstractMany nations, Kenya inclusive, have insufficient number of trained personnel to deal with regulatory and technical radiation safety issues. The IAEA Basic safety standards and the 96/29 Euratom Directive put emphasis on education and training. Both organizations as well as IRP A have been proactive on training and educational issues. The Eastern Africa Association for Radiation Protection (EAARP) in collaboration with some national institutions has also been involved in awareness creation and provision of training and education opportunities for users of radioactive sources as well as the general public on issues related to radiation protection. Experience so far indicates that public demand is high for information and education in this area. In this paper we have identified the educational needs in radiation protection in the region using the Kenyan experience. The paper has also enumerated the available educational and training infrastructures, the human resources, as well as the important stake holders and their roles if a sustainable education and training program were to be developed in the region.en
dc.subjectRadiation protectionen
dc.subjectEducation & Trainingen
dc.titleNeeds For Education And Training In Radiation Protection: Kenya Experienceen
local.publisherInstitute of Nuclear Science & Technology, University of Nairobien

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