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dc.contributor.authorIbrahim, GuIzar
dc.description.abstract'vfa,gncti7.ntion. neasurenents of spherdcal samples of both single crvs tal and polycrys tal Hne r.adolinium are presented. Measure1rents '..rcre mm1e as r functd on of both temperature and magnetic fi e Id; high field measurements were J"IAne us ing a. Foner vibrational magnetore te r and J ~·t ficlc reasurenents Here made using a SQ.JID (Superconducting Quantum Interforencr- ne",'i ce ) magnetCJUeter ,·.•hich is based on the' Jo~eph..~on effect. The temperature range was between 4.ZoK and 3CXPK. From the nhove measurements th following are calculated: ~) the vnrinti0n of directicn of c~sy magnetization with temperature in Gadolinit.•m. b) th rnagnctccrystnllinc anisotropy constants of Cadolini\tm es a functdon of temperature. c) the temperature van ation of the saturation moment '., in Gadolinium. d) the Curie temperature, Te' of Gadolinium.en
dc.titleMagnetization Measurements On Gadolinium In The Temperature Range 4.2 To O 300°ken
local.publisherDepartment of Physicsen

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