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dc.contributor.authorAmir, Y
dc.contributor.authorGitu, P
dc.contributor.authorBhatt, B
dc.contributor.authorNjogu, M
dc.contributor.authorSalim, A
dc.contributor.authorOrata, D
dc.description.abstractOxytocin, a nonapeptide amide, was synthesized on a benzhydryl-resin using the Boc strategy. Benzyl group was used in the protection of sulfhydryl group of cysteine and tyrosine side-chain. Benzhydryl and tetralinyl groups were used in the protection of glutamine and asparagine side-chains respectively. TFMSA-TFA-thioanisole-I,2- ethanedithiol (2:20:2:1 v/v) was used on the peptide-resin under different cleavage conditions to obtain oxytocin in a one-pot reaction. The cleavage at 40°C for two hours gave oxytocin quantitatively. Oxytocin could be isolated in 56% yield
dc.publisheruniversity of Nairobien_US
dc.title1-Tetralinyl as carboxamine-protecting group for asparagine and application to N-a-t-Butyloxycarbonyl (Boc) solid-phase pentide synthesis of oxytocinen_US

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