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    • Assessing Sensory Characteristics and Consumer Preference of Legume-Cereal-Root Based Porridges in Nandi County 

      Gitau, Peninah W.; Kunyanga, Catherine N.; Abong, George O.; Ojiem, John O.; Muthomi, James W. (University of Nairobi, 2019)
      Previously, porridge has been cereal based, consumed as a beverage or weaning food. Malnutrition among children has necessitated inclusion of legumes and roots in an effort to boost nutrient density. Therefore, the current ...
    • Biopesticides and Their Role in Sustainable Agricultural Production 

      Lengai, Geraldin M. W.; Muthomi, James W. (University of Nairobi, 2018)
      Biopesticides are derivatives of plants, microorganisms and insects. Substances from plants and animals have been used to manage diseases in crops, animals and humans. Reliance on nature to heal nature is a practise for ...
    • The inheritance of yield components and beta carotene content in sweet potato 

      Mbusa, Heritier K; Kahiu, Ngugi; Olubayo, Florence M.; Kivuva, Benjamin M; Muthomi, James W.; Nzuve, Felister M. (University of Nairobi, 2018)
      Analysis of the gene action exhibited by an agronomic trait in crop plants is useful in the planning of an effective plant breeding program. This study sought to establish the inheritance variance of root yield components ...