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    • Carotenoid contents in fresh, dried and processed sweetpotato products 

      V, Hagenimann; E.E, Carey; S.T, Gichuki; M.A, Oyunga; J.K, Imungi (Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Technology, 1999)
      In order to understand the effects of drying and processing sweetpotato storage roots into traditional baked food products on their pro-vitamin A contents. Total carotenoids and fJ-carotene were colorimetrically determined. ...
    • Oil content in fried processed sweetpotato products 

      V, Hagenimana; E.G, Karuri; M.A, Oyunga (Department of Food Technology and Nutrition, 1997)
      Ninety jour different sweetpotato cultivars with various dry matter contents were used to process crisps and the end product was analyzed to determine the oil content. A linear relationship between dry matter content in ...