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    • Adaptations of Carabid Beetles to Dry Habitats in East Africa 

      Andersen, Johan; Zachariassen, Karl Erik; Maloiy, GMO; Kamau, JMZ (Department of Anatomy, University Of Nairobi, 1986)
      The rates of water loss and humidity preference of carabids from dry tropical habitats have been studied and compared with corresponding data from temperate carabids and tropical tenebrionids. Within each group of beetles ...
    • Temperature Regulation and Water Balance of Day-Active Zophosis congesta Beetles in East Africa 

      Roskaft, Eivin; Zachariassen, Karl Erik; Maloiy, GMO; Kamau, JMZ (Department of Animal Physiology, University of Nairobi,, 1986)
    • Transpiratory water loss and metabolism of beetles from arid areas in East Africa 

      Zachariassen, Karl Erik; Anderson, Johan; Maloiy, GMO (Department of Animal Physiology, University of NairobDepartment of Zoology, University of Trondheim, 7055 Dragvoll, NorwayInstitute of Biology and Geology, University of Tromso, P.O. Box 3085, Guleng, 9001 Tromso, Norway, 1987)
      . Carabid beetles have rates of transpiratory water loss and metabolic rates which are higher than those of tenebrionid beetles. Within each family, dry habitat beetles have lower rates of water loss than beetles from mesic ...
    • Water balance and osmotic regulation in the East African tenebrionid beetle Phrynocolus petrosus 

      Zachariassen, Karl Erik; Kamau, John M.Z; Maloiy, GMO (University of NairobiDepartment of Animal Physiology, 1987)
      1. When tenebrionid beetles of the species Phrynocolus petrosus undergo evaporative dehydration, the relative water content changes less than is predictable from the water loss alone. The discrepancy from the predictable ...