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    • Determinants of woody cover in African savannas 

      Zambatis, Nick; Worden, Jeff; Tews, Jörg; Sea, William; Ringrose, Susan; Prins, Herbert H T; Metzger, Kristine L; Hrabar, Halszka; Hiernaux, Pierre; Frost, Peter G H; February, Edmund C; Feral, Christie J; Ekaya, Wellington; Diouf, Alioune; Coughenour, Michael B; Caylor, Kelly K; Bucini, Gabriela; Bronn, Andries; Banyikwa, Feetham; Ardo, Jonas; Ludwig, Fulco; Le Roux, Xavier; Higgins, Steven I; Gignoux, Jacques; Cade, Brian S; Augustine, David J; Ratnam, Jayashree; Scholes, Robert J; Hanan, Niall P; Sankaran, Mahesh (Department of Land Resource Management and Agricultural Technology, 2005)
      Savannas are globally important ecosystems of great significance to human economies. In these biomes, which are characterized by the co-dominance of trees and grasses, woody cover is a chief determinant of ecosystem ...