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    • Agronomic response estimates of acidulated and uncidulated phosphorus sources for tea (camellia spp l.) growing in Kenya 

      Owino-Gerroh, C.; Keter, A.; Mbuvi, J P. (Dep.of Environmental science Kenyatta University'Department of Soil Science, University of Nairobi,, 1999)
      Studies were conducted on two tea fields, one with tea bushes planted in 1957 and another with tea bushes planted n LgTg in Kaaga, Kenya to determine the response of green tea leaf production to acidulated (Tripleiuper ...
    • Phosphate Sorption characteristic of Soils in a Tea Growing Area in KenYa 

      Owino-Gerroh, C.; Keter, J.K; Mbuvi, J.P (Dept of Environmental Science, Kenyatta UniversityDept of Soil Science, University of Nairobi, 1998)
      The relationship between P.sorption capacity and thepmpcrtiesofsoihfromfieldswhichhgvebeenundcrdiffer nutrition of tea cropping h Krgrq t-ari biri"i.rrr' Kiambg K.tyt-*""u studies in the laborator-v of the DeparEnent of ...
    • Response of field beans to phosphorus on an andosol in Kenya 

      Keter, J.K.A; Owino-Gerroh, C.; Mbuvi, J.P (Dept of Environmental Science, Kenyatta UniversityDept of Environmental Science, Kenyatta University, 1998)
      The agronomic effectiveness of minjingu rock phosphate O,trtp) was compared with that of highly soluble phosphate triple superphosphate (TSp), in pot studies with field bean (p. t,ulgaris L.) in a greenhouse at the field ...